Environmental Litigation

We have a deep bench of first-chair trial lawyers, and expertise in the law and science of environmental litigation.

Our attorneys represent clients in with virtually every type of environmental lawsuit—administrative rule challenges, permit appeals, enforcement defense, cost recovery claims, and trials and arbitrations over alleged environmental contamination.

* Strong experience as lead trial lawyers in high-exposure environmental and toxic tort cases in the most difficult venues.

* Deep bench of experience in international arbitration of high-exposure contamination cases

* Leadership roles in groundwater litigation involving solvents, pesticides, MTBE, dioxins, PFCs, and other substances.

* Energy sector (upstream, downstream, mining, alternative energy)

* Chemical manufacturing sector

* Manufacturing sector

* Development of expert witnesses in highly technical and specialized disciplines

* Oilfield contamination litigation

* Naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) litigation

* Fracking litigation

* Drinking water contamination litigation

* Sediment contamination litigation

* Climate change litigation and regulation

* Permit challenges and citizen suits

* Natural resources damages litigation